Recently I decided to take another peak at Vibram five fingers. They’re a type of shoe that contours each toe, a bit similar to something nike came out with where the big toe is separated.

A few years ago I had heard about them some how and thought they were the coolest things I had seen since, well, toe socks. I used to own more pairs of those than regular socks. I went to a store to try them on but was not super impressed. This was at the time where they only had one or two models whereas now they have multiple! I’ve taken another look at their website and was blown away by all the styles they have. There are ones with laces for running, or simple ones for working out at the gym. I’ve always enjoyed being barefoot where my toes could wiggle about freely and would enjoy a shoe that could allow continuous wiggling. Although these would never pass for going to work, I think they could be really neat for running.

I can’t wait to check them out and try them all on. I really hope they’re as comfortable as they seem! I’ll keep you posted on what I think.