Today I watched a most interesting video on what I would consider the end of the world. Ok, maybe not the end of the world but close to it!

The documentary was done by Doc Zone which is a tv show that airs on cbc. It looked at the fault line that falls right under vancouver and goes all the way down to Sacramento and how it’s almost an exact duplicate of the one in the indian ocean. The one in the indian ocean caused a devastating earthquake and tsunami you’ll remember in 2004 that killed over 230,000 people. That means, Cascadia (fault line under Vancouver) will sometime in the future cause the same if not worse earthquake and tsunami as in Sumatra in 2004. Now the thing is, they don’t know when it will happen. It could be tomorrow, next year, or 30 years from now. There is no possible way to predict an earthquake so they can’t say when.

I think mother nature is cracking her knuckles. I really think that this will happen in my life time. There has been so much evidence around the world lately that goes to show that things like this are becoming more and more frequent. Even though I’m on the east coast of Canada, tsunami’s actually resonate and bounce off other continents and islands and virtually move all the way around the world. The magnitude of that is really hard to comprehend. I think I’ll move to Alberta.



If you’d like to watch the show click here