Halloween is now upon us! (but then again so is christmas according to the st0res)

I am ever so excited for this time of year. It is my time to shine. If only there could be more days where we could get dressed up in creative costumes and give candy to children. I also like to entertain and scare adults and children alike. Normally in the past I have waited until 20 minutes before the doorbell starts ringing to assemble a costume. Not this year! This year I will be prepared!

I am currently using a tall lamp as some sort of bust to start assembling my fabrics together. There are quite a few layers so I need to just sit there and stare at it for a little while before doing any sewing. My costume will be similar to what i had last year but with a bit more thought put into it. I’m super excited and can’t wait to get it going!

I bought:

-Boots to be turned into platform shoes. I’ll be glueing 7″ of foam to the bottom to be super tall.

-Yards of different fabrics like satin, lace and chiffon

-A black light which doesn’t give off much light

-A strobe light to be used in our lamps by the door

-A styrofoam head: Haven’t found a use for her yet


I still have a few things to buy like quality face paints by Mehron, pom poms that will be used to cover half my face and plastic mini skulls. I’ll post a few pics as I’m going along! :)