Stumbling around on vimeo today I found this great video showcasing a few artists from DreamWorks. Each one talks about their art process or gives you a little story about what or when they draw. Watching all these videos sure makes me miss drawing!

Yesterday I was waiting for a friend to call so I parked my car and took out a new doodle book. It has this really great textured and rough paper with frayed edges and different shades of brown on each page. Sometimes you’ll run into a bump, sometimes the page will be rougher and darker than the last, but it’s so nice to draw on. I feel like the paper being so rough makes it nice to just doodle anything, even if it doesn’t turn out. The paper forgives :) Besides, it’s a doodle book! Maybe I’ll take a picture and post a doodle or two I’ve been doing… What do you think?


Moonshine : Artists after dark from alexis wanneroy on Vimeo.