How do you come up with your ideas? Do you search on the computer? Get together with a design friend to discuss? Sit in a dark corner mumbling to yourself?

I hope you don’t do the last one. I find I can get really good ideas from my brother. He has a very creative imagination and is always coming up with different ways of doing things. If I’m just stuck on something, I can go to him and he’ll “shed some light” on another way of doing whatever project I’m working on. The internet sometimes helps but I also feel overly connected. Having 2 computers, one portable and one not, an ipod, cellphone and other connectable devices, it’s just so overwhelming. Sometimes I just want to shut everything out and go sit outside with my doodle book. Which is what I did yesterday :)

Here’s a great video on where good ideas come from. The speaker, Steven Johnson, illustrates everything on a white board while he’s speaking. It’s really quite cool actually.