Halloween is by far my favourite time of year. You get to pull out all your best ideas to carve pumpkins and build costumes. If you’re a little evil like me you like to make a creepy costume and scare all the little children. I like to scare the adults too. ^_^

Last year I made a really epic costume about 20 minutes before the doorbell started ringing. I say epic because it really worked in scaring people. I’m not only talking about the costume itself but the “personality” I took on for the evening which included hunching over and a witchy voice. Adults are much harder to scare than little children. They don’t believe! So, the costume and character was epic because I was able to scare adults and children alike, including my neighbour across the street who’s a full grown man in his 60’s!

This year, I’m sort of “expanding” on last years idea but I’ve started it much earlier. As opposed to last year I’d like a costume that I can actually put on instead of having something held together with hair clips, safety pins and clothes pins. Yes, I said hair clips. I used anything I could to hold all the fabric in place which worked so-so. Over the last few weeks I have collected all sorts of ideas from the internet to incorporate into my costume. It doesn’t really have a name, but I can tell you that it’s all white. So what I’ll be doing is updating you on everything that I’m making, buying and building. Today was platform shoe building… Read the next post to find out how I did it!!