Correction to Part 1: Flextra is not the product you want to be using for glueing the foam together. The flextra glue actually melted wherever it was touching by about half a centimetre. What you want to use is a product called No More nails. 

Today marked the first day of the epic halloween costume assembly.

I was super lucky in terms of supplies because I actually found everything I needed here at home! I got my initial inspiration from Annie Spandex’s blog where she used cheap flip flops for the platform. I want my platforms to be quite tall so I decided foam would be my best and cheapest option. The foam I found tucked away in the corner of my basement is a type of polyurethane and is really dense as opposed to styrofoam which is quite flaky and could possibly break on me. The only thing I had to buy were boots with a fairly sturdy ankle. I found these at Village des Valeurs for $10.00.

Last year part of my character was to be hunched over with my hands up and out in front of me which is a bit hard on the back. Being hunched over made it impossible to see anyone who was over 4 years old. The platforms will bring me up to about 6’4 standing tall and around 5’11 hunched over which is perfect for seeing adults.

What I needed to make the boots: exacto, boots with an ankle, ruler, sharpie and foam.

We’ve had this foam sitting in the basement for a long time. I mean, a really long time, you can see how we had our way with it when we were kids. This caused a bit of problems with the score and snap way of making my rectangles.

home made platform shoes DIY

What I want to have in the end is a tapered platform with a wide bottom and narrow top. They’re going to be about 6 inches in height and I was worried about falling over. I made the rectangles about an inch to an inch and a half wider than the actual boot but the same as the boot in the length. To cut the rectangles all I had to do was measure out my size, score it with an exacto knife and snap it off. This made barely any mess and worked like a charm! The pieces were virtually the same size.

DIY platform shoes

This is just to give an idea of what the height will be. After cutting everything, I organized them by size and glued them all together. There aren’t very many glues that work on foam so my dad pulled out this stuff we used last year when we had our wood floors installed. We put it down the centre because I’ll be cutting the sides away and shape the whole thing more like the shoe.

Once everything was glue together the glue needs to dry overnight. We’ve put two toolboxes on top to add some pressure to be sure they stick well. Once this stuff starts to dry nothing will be able to get the foam apart.

Platform shoes for halloween costume

Tomorrow I’ll be cutting all the foam to the shape of the boot and glueing it all together. Once that’s done they’ll be ready to be painted! My whole outfit is white so I’ll be spray painting the boot/shoes white to go with it. Hope it all works out!!

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Here is all the fabrics I’ve amassed to sew together for the body portion of my halloween costume. I’ve yet to plan that out but am looking forward to my friends advice on where to start. I have all sorts of bits and pieces including ikea curtains, old random fabric, wedding veils and a child’s tutu. I’m so looking forward to starting sewing! I’ll keep you all posted with pictures! But won’t be revealing the costume till after halloween. :)



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