The halloween costume building is well under way and I am quite proud of what It will eventually be. It’s a super creative costume and definitely doesn’t look store bought. My friend helped me come to the conclusion of what I am: some sort of ghoul/ witch doctor type thing.

The most recent addition to my costume is a white out contact. I also have extra large blue contacts which make for an interesting contrast. I wanted my eyes to look extra weird so instead of buying two, at $30 each, I bought only one. The white out contact isn’t custom made so it doesn’t fit 100% perfectly on my eye. Sometimes if I blink fast you’ll see 1mm of my iris on the side. Oh well, it’ll do. I got the white out contact from ClearlyContacts and including shipping it was about $40 and took 4 days to deliver.

What do you think? (excuse the mess in the background)


white out contact lens