Any holiday or special day of the year is a good reason to bake. Any day of the year is a good reason to bake really… Yesterday I had the wonderful opportunity to have my first cake ball made by my brother’s girlfriend and BOY was it ever good! She’s quite the talented baker if i may say so myself. Most weeks when my brother comes back from a visit we always get little colourful sweet surprises. I’m very glad I lent her all my cookbooks! 😀

These are Dina’s wonderfully delicious chocolate cake balls

Although I never have time to bake or cook anymore because I’m always working or traveling to work, I think I might find the time to squeeze in a few of these delicious recipes! Don’t they look wonderful? Food always tastes a million times better when it looks nice. :)

Do you guys have any favourite Halloween themed recipes? Add links to them in the comments below! In the meantime, here’s a little inspiration…