This year I took the whole making a home made halloween costume to a new level. The three basic costumes for halloween are cute, sexy or scary. Then again there are stupid costumes as well, so 4 categories. I’ve always liked making my own costumes out of random things, fabrics and props and being as creative and random as possible. Most of my costumes made no sense but had people asking questions, even this year.

As you may have read in my previous post, this year I expanded on the home made random item costume that I threw together in minutes last year. This time I decided I wanted to properly build it and put it together way before halloween. I went for a white raggedy theme that started out as a witch doctor but the first time I wore it people referred to me more as an evil spirit or ghost which suited me just fine! As long as the word evil was included in there.

The process was: the top part was a round table cloth with a jagged edge that I sewed little bits to all over the place to make it look very rugged. The second layer to the costume was a very thin dressing gown where I sewed larger pieces of fabric to cover my legs. The third layer on the bottom was a nightie to cover me as I wouldn’t be wearing anything under the costume. I originally wanted to sew one large piece to the bottom of the nightie to hide the boots but ran out of time so I did the next best thing and tucked it into my underthings.

My super awesomely creative costume also included home made platform boots that I made out of foam and made me approximately 6’4. Now I know how my brother feels!

I decided that my character would be silent and just let the costume and my contacts scare them. I find that people really try to do everything they can to make you break out of character to reassure them that you are actually a normal person. With my friends I would be normal but with strangers I would go back into character and they were most definitely scared! Also, instead of standing at the 6’4 height I would hunch over the be my normal height and since no one saw my boots they were fooled. Sometimes guys would challenge me and be all macho so I would shuffle up to them, staring them in the eyes the whole time, then slowly stand up to my real height right in front of them. This worked like a charm! The staring them in the eyes really freaked them out and it makes people very uneasy especially when you have 1 white contact and one almost black.

All in all the costume was an awesome success and I hope to go to a contest next year. I’ll be adding on to it and I think I could very much win a contest. Maybe win an iPad? 😀

There will be more pictures to come as I process them. I will also be posting the Home made platform shoes Part 3!