Personally I think the whole 2 weeks off per year is a load of bull. By the time you unwind after doing all the things you’ve been putting off or haven’t had time to do, it’s time to go back to work. I’m definitely not someone who likes the whole 9-5 office job and only get 2 weeks a year. So I do 10-5 and get a few more weeks off! ūüėÄ I definitely have a great boss who understands my need to get away, otherwise I go a bit nutty.

My favourite way to get away is to travel. Sure, vacationing can be fun but just for a little while. There’s only so many days you can spend on a beach lying in the sun doing nothing. If you don’t get up and do something you risk turning into a crispy chip! Recently I discovered the new thing to do down south and it’s called Snuba. It’s a mix between scuba diving and snorkelling but with an air tank. You get a 20ft-30ft tube that connects you to a flotation device with air tanks inside. You can swim quite freely and go much deeper than if you were just snorkelling.

This past winter I had the great adventure of my life (so far). I went to New Zealand for 2 months and also spent 3 weeks in Manly beach in Sydney. That is definitely one corner of the world I could live in full time especially with New Zealand’s perfect climate. Ideally my next trip will be to go to Asia.

Alas, I leave you with photos of some beautiful places and things to visit.

Navagio Beach aka Shipwreck Cove on Zakynthos Island, Greece

Machu Picchu

Hot air balloons over Cappadocia, Turkey

Ubud Area, Bali

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

Burning man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA

Burning man is definitely one of the things that should be on a must see/do list. I have not yet been myself but definitely plan on going! It looks like an experience that is beyond anything you can imagine. Having heard stories from friends and watched videos, it’s not something that can be explained but simply experienced. I will go home soon!! )'(

What is your ultimate place to visit? Or different places to visit?