This past winter was my first really big trip by myself. Although I’ve travelled alone before doing student exchanges with families I had never met, this was backpacking alone in the big scary world. I spent 2 months away which included about 3 weeks in Manly beach, Sydney, and the rest was spent in New Zealand. This trip was most definitely eye-opening and a big step in my life. I was and am still living at home so I had technically moved out!

Now that I have had my first real taste of “freedom” and venturing around the world, I find my feet itching to go places all the time now. Of course, funds are a must in being able to do such things and at the moment they are not quite up there. I have plans to visit beautiful scenery, meet new people and experience new cultures.

This video that I saw a few months back definitely makes me want to travel and explore! It also makes me want to make a really cool traveling video! But I think I’ll leave that to the experts. For now, I simply enjoy.

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.


They also made 2 other videos about food and learning new exciting things in other countries.

The next getaway will be to burning man next august before anything. I learned about it this summer and was immediately taken with the idea of going to the desert with like minded people.

After burning man at some point in the future will be all over Asia for a considerable amount of months. I’ve always been interested as many people have with this area of the world and the way they live. I not so much want to visit all the popular sights but I’d like to also visit small villages tucked away between mountains, far from the cities. I truly think the best way to get the “feel” of a country is to meet people on the country side. Obviously this will be a bit difficult if I don’t speak the language but i’m always up for a challenge!

Some of the places I plan on visiting: Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, India, and Bali in Indonesia. I’m not sure how long it will take but I imagine I won’t be able to do them all in the same trip. I’ll be planning it for quite some time and hope to find myself a travel partner at some point between now and then.

And now I leave you with some beautiful photos…