This past weekend I had myself a nice little visit over to Vancouver to see some friends. I had such a great time, it’s a beautiful city!

When I was out for lunch with my friend I was talking about how much I wanted to draw again but just couldn’t find the time. I’d really like to be able to draw from my head and better myself in drawing people. My friend also mentioned he wanted to start drawing. He’s a game developer/designer/programmer who founded Collective Entertainement and wants to be able to put his ideas down on paper when explaining to coworkers or clients. After talking about these things I decided to challenge him to a drawing project. We would both buy the same Molskine or sketchbook and however many pages it was, would make that the amount of days for the challenge. The books we got are just a standard medium sized Moleskine with 52 spreads. So for the next 52 days Berto and I will be pushing ourselves to do 2 pages of drawings per day. I’m really excited to see how much we improve on things over the next 2 months.

Here’s a preview of day 2. Lips study. I’ve always found them to be a hard thing to draw. Then again, the whole face is hard to draw! Time to practice!


Day 1

Day 2