As some may already know and some may not, next year I will be attending my first Burning man )'( in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. As described by a writer on their website, trying to describe burning man is like trying to describe a colour to a blind person. Although I am not blind, I have not yet seen. I am so excited about this event and over the last few months have ready many articles and blogs about it and getting ready for it. Burning man is definitely not for the faint of heart. That being said, it is a place where anyone can just be themselves or somebody else if that tickles their fancy. Being someone who loves to create new things for halloween I am very excited about designing my BM outfit. I have taken inspiration from all over the web from other outfits as well as fashion. I have ideas in my head but never having worked with fabric makes it difficult to translate them to the real world. Here are some of the photographs giving me inspiration…


This one particularly tickles my fancy with the lights inside. If I could figure out how it was made I think this would be my first choice for outfits to be worn at night. Anyone know how this would have been made?
This is called the Bubelle dress designed by Philips Design of the Netherlands.
The dress has been designed to react to human emotion which will change the colours projected. This is all part of their SKIN project.