Pointillism (aka stippling) has always had a special place in my artistic heart. Although exuberantly time consuming it is also quite neat to watch a drawing develop from dots. After being inspired by my friend and fellow graphic designer I embarked on this spotty expedition over the new year weekend.

I’m guessing that this drawing contains a few hundred thousand dots and took roughly 14 hours to complete. It’s about 8×8 in size and will be framed as soon as I can get to the shop! Although a popular way to do this type of drawing is to use technical pens, I prefer the riskier but more fun calligraphy pen with nibs. I use an acrylic ink as I found that my india ink had died at some point over the last 4 years from not being used.

Unfortunately I had to use my camera to capture the details as my scanner is not quite high end enough to do it. The photos don’t really do the drawing justice but you get the point! ūüėČ

Alas, I present you my cheeky little chameleon!


Original photo credit: Igor Siwanowicz

Click the photo to get an up close and personal view of this little guy!